Specna Arms SA-A38 ONE™ TITAN™ V2 Custom Carbine Replica - Black

Valgfritt batteri, lader og batteripose medfølger med kjøpet!

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Anbefaler 11.1V LiPo eller 9.9V LiFe.

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SA-A38 ONE™ TITAN™ V2 Custom Carbine Replica

SA-A38 ONE ™ Carbine Replica Titan V2 manufactured by Specna Arms is a perfectly fitted and very well constructed replica.

It is characterized by near perfect maneuverability, high functionality, and also versatility - you can use it in enclosed spaces as well as an open battlefield.

The model has undergone extensive internal tuning with the aim of improving its performance and reliability.

The replica was re-shimmed and greased, inside the following parts were mounted:

- Piston with 14 metal teeth, made by SHS
- TITAN V2 Advanced by GATE
- CNC trigger for Retro Arms M4 / M16 replicas
- SHS white piston head with ball bearings
- Maple Leaf HU 2021 MrHop 60 ° bucking
- OMEGA spacer by Maple Leaf

In addition, the replica's interior includes factory-fitted:

- Set of reinforced steel gears
- Steel spring guide
- 8mm ball bearings
- Steel circuit breaker
- Metal cylinder head
- Sealed metal nozzle
- Hop Up rotary chamber

- Replica features:

- Functional Bolt-Catch.
- Steel screws and pins.
- Stock and pistol grip made out of polymer plastic.
- The stock comes equipped with a rubber butt-plate with a non-slip texture
- Well-fitted and balanced
- Quick spring change system, the so-called Enter & Convert ™ that allows you to change the spring without having to unscrew the GB
- The outer barrel is finished with a 14mm CCW thread. 

The set includes:

- replica
- steel hi-cap magazine with a capacity of 300 BB’s
- additional main spring
- USB-Link and USB-C cable 

Note! The set does not include a battery or a charger. 

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