Magazine, AEG, 5pcs. M4, 140 rds, BLK

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With ActionSportGames new polymer M4 magazines you can lay down some heavy firepower without paying a heavy price.

Our fantastic new range of low cost, high quality polymer magazine for M4 style AEGs are hard to beat. 

With  these sleek black M4 magazines you can expand your armoury in no time at all and at a great price too!

Able to fit almost all standard M4/AR type AEGs, these 140 BB  ‘mid cap’ magazines  require no ‘winding’ and so feed smoothly to the last round, make no noise unlike high capacity magazines and are lightweight without compromising on strength due to their durable polymer construction.  

This pack consists of five ready to use black polymer M4 magazines moulded into the classic ‘STANAG’ style.

These awesome new magazines are a must have for any airsofter looking to quickly equip their M4 rifle with a full load of ready to use ammo.

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